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Review Paper: MacKeeper Software

MacKeeper offers a bundle of multipurpose utilities that claim to secure, optimize, and clean a Mac. It is also quite an interesting app, because its name sounds similar to “Mac Defender” and therefore it is somewhat controversial among the Mac community members. Read more here:

In this article, we will take a look at MacKeeper and its features.


Find & Fix (Human Inside)

MacKeeper opens with the “Find & Fix” feature, which does the following:

  1. Runs a check of your Mac for various types of “issues.”
  2. Generates a report on these “issues.”
  3. The user sends this report to a Certified Apple Professional. That’s why this feature set is called “Human Assistance.”
  4. This human expert gives suggestions on how to improve your system based on the scan results report.


Security Features

The security features of MacKeeper consist of Internet Security and Anti-Theft. Internet Security, in its turn, consists of Antivirus and Safe Browsing. These features are quite helpful if you want your Mac to be even more secure and protected online. However, if you want also offline protection, you can use the Anti-Theft fool. If your Mac goes missing, this tool can track its location and spot the thief by making their photo via the web cam.

MacKeeper also has its own Security Research Center where they report latest news about security breaches. This Center was founded by Chris Vickery, whom MacKeeper invited to collaborate. You can read more about this partnership at this website:


Some Other Features

Fast Cleanup. Consists of Binaries Cutter, Languages Cutter, Cache Cleaner, and Logs Cleaner. As you may guess from the names of these utilities, they remove various types of junk files. You can use them for regular hard drive cleanups.

Duplicates Finder. Many Mac users create file copies by mistake and even don’t notice that. Duplicates Finder helps detect and remove such forgotten and useless copies.

Disk Usage. Gives an overview of the largest files on your Mac, enabling you to review them and delete those that you do not need but they take a lot of disk space.

Smart Uninstaller. When you drag your apps to the Trash, they may leave behind lots of “remnants.” Smart Uninstaller deletes the apps completely, once and for all, and helps you detect the forgotten leftovers from already trashed apps.

Update Tracker. Keeps your apps up to date by checking the availability of their new versions. You can add your most frequently used apps to the favorites list.