Dissertationhero.co.uk Review

Dissertationhero.co.uk, as its name states quite clearly, is a service focused on delivering dissertations for its clients. We decided that quality and prices shall be two main areas for our evaluation and acted accordingly.


Believing that price and quality are interlinked, we looked at them in correlation.

This is what we found out

Dissertationhero.co.uk does not promise cheap papers and rightly so. Their prices are not low, not even close to that. The rates for a dissertation vary between 15 and 54 pounds per page (depending on the urgency level). If you need to find out all the rates, go to the Prices page and get a quote there. Note that you can quickly compare rates for Degree, Master’s and PhD level papers and also find out how long it will take to write your own one.

And what about the quality of dissertations? We assessed it as ‘good’ and ‘excellent.’ It is felt that dissertationhero.co.uk put their heart into this work direction and picked best writers to work on dissertations. We didn’t have a chance to evaluate other papers, but are 100% sure that their dissertations are better than almost anywhere else.

What do we mean by ‘good and excellent’? To be more specific, their dissertations are based on skilled and careful research of sources. Did you know that dissertationhero.co.uk runs a special check of sources to determine their validity before a writer starts researching them? No? Well, they do. Moreover, their papers are examples of writing skills and experience, as well as talent and attention to details.

If you are eager to help or control the work done, you are fully entitled to do so. Dissertationhero.co.uk has a special client area where you can get involved in the writing process. Just log in and stay informed.

How is dissertationhero.co.uk different from other services?

Orientation on quality solves the case. Unlike other services, dissertationhero.co.uk PREVENTS dissatisfaction of customers rather than cures it later. For this purpose, all their writers are obliged to work in a team with their customers. Technically, it looks like this: a customer orders a dissertation, logs in the customer area, gets to know his writer, provides instructions as regards the paper he needs, receives parts of the paper from his writer and gives his notes.

Only such a close cooperation can ensure that the final paper does not come as a surprise to you. In other words, there are no situations when what customers expect and receive are two completely different things.

If for some mysterious reason it happened, however, there are means to fix the problem. Every client of dissertationhero.co.uk enjoys a two-week free revision period or can get his money back. Besides, the revision period can be extended for some extra charge.

Know what you’re buying

An extremely convenient option for all those doubting customers is free samples. Dissertationhero.co.uk has 6 of them. Alas, they’re different types of essays, so you won’t be able to download a dissertation. However, it is still a chance to see how well they do their job.

To sum up, dissertationhero.co.uk is a reliable source of custom writing help. Although focused on dissertations, it is just as good at writing short essays and other assignments (as it is clearly seen from the samples). Quick access to your writer and 24/7 support make sure you have all the answers you need ASAP. Be ready to pay, however, as quality means high price and dissertationhero.co.uk is not an exception from this rule.