How to go to Harvard


Many students, who want to study abroad, are thinking about studying at Harvard – a prestigious American university, which is constantly in the lead in international education rankings. Admission to Harvard means not only how to go to Harvard. It is a prestigious American university, where students can learn for free, your diploma recognized in any country, where you will get a good education, have forged friends from all over the world, join the scientific community. Also, Harvard University has traditionally provides all students who need financial assistance to the money were not an obstacle to talented students on the path of learning.

International examinations for study at an American university
As for all international students to get to the top PhD in economics program was required to pass TOEFL (international exam of English Language) and score more than 100 points, and it is desirable to get a full score in the mathematical part of the GRE exam.

Documents for admission to an American university

In addition to the GRE and TOEFL results, required for admission to the recommendation from professors, motivation letter and diplomas certifying achievement and education. And, most important of all in this list – it’s recommendations that affect your receipt.
Every candidate for training at Harvard College are considering two members of the selection committee independently. With higher education go to Harvard to impossible Baccalaureate. Foreign students come to the university on the same basis as the citizens of the USA. Harvard holds the position Liberal Arts, according to which education in the most common undergraduate students can choose any course and at the end of the diploma graduates have not any particular profession, and is BS or, for example, a bachelor of arts. The school year begins in early September and ends in mid-May.
The gender of the university the most balanced: among undergraduate female representatives of around 50%, among the teaching staff of about 53%.

Applications will be accepted until November 1 and January 1 – depending on whether the candidate wants to take the opportunity of early statements or submit documents in the general stream.

Apply in two ways: by filling Universal College Application or Common Application. The application can be completed online or download it, print it and send it by regular mail. In addition to one of the mandatory applications, together with the documents necessary to send the Harvard Application Supplement, school certificate, application form for foreign students, two recommendations from school teachers. To apply and create your profile on the University website, you need to pay $ 75 or attach a document proving that you can not pay the claim. The application shall include the results of tests and examinations handed. After the final application candidates may be arranged interview – at the university, his representative or alumni around the world, but this possibility is not given to all applicants. However, the selection committee states that it will not be counted as a minus for candidates who will not be able to arrange an interview.

Admission Requirements

Age – 17 years old, excellent grades in the school certificate and the highest scores for the exams. The minimum score is not set, but the majority of students have passed every part of the SAT I and SAT II with the result of 600 to 800 points.

In addition, it’s not a secret that many people are willing to get high education in the USA, nevertheless, there are some difficult steps, which you have make in order to bring into life your wish. You should study a lot without assistance college essay writing service and not just before exams, but during the whole year.

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