Tips on How to Write a Narrative Essay Outline

There are lots of tips and guides about how to write a personal narrative essay for college. And there are often required during different stages through school. So, you have to know how to do it right, but at the same time you have lots of sources where to learn it.

Basically, all ideas for narrative essays are just stories that you need to tell to your readers. Often they are the stories from your personal experience and are connected to class themes. Actually, writing a personal narrative essay can be a really fun job to deal with. You just need to approach it properly.

Here you have few helpful tips on how to write a narrative essay outline and draft properly.

Tips and ideas for narrative essays

Choose a story that illustrates some topic or theme. To speak, in general, typical narrative essay have just a couple of important components. It is a story itself and the brief analysis of it. You can write your essay on some particular point, make some special concept or have your own theme. The main thing about it is that it should be all about some your personal issue or story. You should use it to illustrate your main idea. You don’t need any outside references and research work. But, you should have enough your own material and experience to deal with it. First of all, a narrative essay is required to test your writing and story-telling skills.

Make sure your story fits the prompt. Basically, your prompt will be received from your teacher. You will need to base your story on it. No matter how great your story is, you should fit it to the assignment properly.

Choose a story with a manageable plot. There are lots of details in narrative essays. But, you should remember that you are not writing a book or a novel, so your content is limited. Your plot, characters, and settings should be limited. Your essay should not be too broad. It is just no good. You should pick just single event or fact from your experience to make really great and interesting. Your characters should be absolutely essential.

Choose a story with vibrant details. There are lots of specific details in the really good narrative essay, actually. What is it for? All these details and small facts stand for a great role. They make your story not too simple, colorful and alive. It is more interesting for the reader to read it and to feel some rich specification.

Outline the plot before you begin. It is very important step and helpful tool for your writing. You should write the outline to know where does your story start and end. Besides that, you can give here all your main points you want to hit in your essay. Try to follow your outline while writing.

Use a consistent point of view. It is a general feature of narrative essays to be written in first person. You can use “I” statements as many as you want, actually. Yes, this is unusual for other types of essays. But the main thing about the narrative essay is your personal experience so that you can be the main character and storyteller.